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Graduate-Level Writing Workshops

Are you a graduate student? Would you like to learn more about graduate-level writing? Consider attending one of our workshops to help improve your writing skills.

Breaking it Down: Graduate-Level Research Writing 

Thursday, February 20, 12:00-1:00 (Webinar) 


This webinar introduces writers to graduate-level writing expectations. It addresses graduate-level research writing with a focus on the general structure of research-based assignments such as research proposals and research studies for comprehensive exams, theses, or dissertations. Attendees will learn about the parts of these documents, the logic behind how they are written, and how to assess samples of research writing for their strengths and weaknesses in meeting the expectations of the genre. Although writing up methods, results, and conclusions will be discussed, this webinar will specifically emphasize introductions and literature reviews.

Joining the Conversation: Writing Style and Literature Reviews 

Wednesday, March 11, 12:00-1:00 (Webinar) 


This webinar covers academic-style writing and entering the academic conversation of your field. This includes building an awareness of disciplinary writing conventions, tone, and audience. Additionally, preparing and producing literature reviews will be discussed. Participants will also be informed on common areas of improvement within academic writing, and they will be provided with advice  on how to avoid and/or correct these types of errors. Finally, tips on writer’s block and goal-setting will also be discussed. 

Adding it Up: Research Methodologies 

Saturday, March 28, 10-11am (In-house Workshop, ASBN 100, The University Writing Center) 

Register: Please e-mail us at to sign up for this workshop. 

This workshop addresses writing qualitative and quantitative research methodology sections.Participants will learn about different parts of a methods section, how methodology informs research writing, and how to find gaps or shortcomings in methodological write-ups. 

Polishing Your Writing: Editing and Revising Skills 

Saturday, April 4, 10-11am (In-house Workshop, ASBN 100, The University Writing Center) 

Register: Please e-mail us at to sign up for this workshop. 

This workshop addresses the final stages of the writing process. Editing and revision strategies will be covered and participants will leave with useful tools to apply to their own writing. Participants are invited to bring any graduate-level writing they are currently working on. Time will be allocated to peer review and workshop papers with other participants. Additionally, a Writing Center Graduate Tutor will be present to offer feedback, and to answer questions about graduate-level writing.

Note: Content of workshops may vary depending number of attendees.