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How Consultations Work

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  • Before you arrive


      • On our homepage, select which location you would like to book a session (San Marcos or Round Rock), or webcam consulting if applicable. 
      • When you arrive at our scheduling page, select the applicable type of consultation and appropriate time amount.
      • Once you have a consultation type selected, select the date you would like to schedule. The program will generate available times and consultants from there.
      • You are then able to select a specific consultant, if there is one you would prefer. You can always check out our Consultants & Staff Page if you would like to see our consultants' specialities.
      • The times available, whether you selected the first available or a specific tutor, will be found below the Consultant drop down menu. Select the one that best fits your schedule. (25 min. tutoring sessions are scheduled by half-hour increments, while 50 min. sessions are scheduled in one-hour increments). 
      • You'll be asked to fill in information about what you would like to work on during your session. The more information you provide, the better prepared your consultant can be.
      • Once you've booked your appointment, you'll receive a confirmation email. Please keep this email until after your appointment. Within this confirmation email, you can cancel, reschedule, or make another appointment.   
    • DAILY APPOINTMENT LIMIT POLICY - YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO SCHEDULE UP TO AN HOUR'S WORTH OF CONSULTING A DAY, meaning you can schedule one 50 min. appointment or two 25. min appointments. 

    • If you’re collaborating with other writers, they must all come to the consultation, or we will not be able to comment on the collaborative work.

      • Be sure to plan for enough time so that you are not late for your appointment. After five minutes, your appointment will be canceled so that your consultant may help another student. If you miss or are more than five minutes late to an appointment three times, you will no longer be allowed to book appointments at the University Writing Center for the remainder of the semester. If you know you won’t be able to make your appointment, make sure to cancel it. You can do this by logging back into the schedule to view your appointment. There will be an option to cancel.
      • The University Writing Center is located on the ground floor of ASBN. You may see it listed as ASBN 100. We are located across from the Den (Where Einstein's Bagels and Papa John's are located).
      • Bring your Texas State student ID.
      • Bring as much as you can! Bring your prompt or assignment sheet and a copy of your essay (if you have a draft). Only have an outline? Working on a first draft? Bring it! We can work with whatever you have at any point in the writing process. If you haven't started writing yet and want help getting started, that's okay, too. Bring whatever may help, such as relevant readings, a previously graded paper, class syllabus, etc.
      • Think about what you want to work on with your tutor in your session. Thinking about your assignment, what do you feel is your priority? We can work together on all aspects of writing, from organization and idea clarity to grammar and citation styles. Generally speaking, we begin by checking the prompt and assignment expectations.
      • We may not get through your entire paper — that's okay! Our goal is to give you the tools and the knowledge needed to better any part of your paper (and future papers). Of course, you are more than welcome to book up to an hour of appointments a day, but don't think of the last page of your paper as a finish line. Writing is a process, and it works differently for everyone.
  • When you arrive

      • When you get to University Writing Center, you'll enter through a double set of doors and be greeted by our receptionist at the front desk. You'll be asked to sign in and provide your Texas State ID.
      • After signing in, you may have a seat in the lobby while you wait.
      • We offer free coffee and tea throughout the day, so feel free to pour yourself a mug of liquid energy.
      • We also have a computer lab where you may browse the internet, check your email, or print out your prompt before your appointment. Sign in at the front desk to use the computer lab.
      • Our laptop bar, located in the back of the University Writing Center, offers you a quiet place to charge your electronics.
      • At your appointment time, your consultant will call for you. You and your tutor will typically go into a cubicle or office, unless you'd rather have an appointment elsewhere in the University Writing Center. There are plenty of study areas outside of the cubicles where we can work with you! We usually hold consultations in cubicles to ensure a controlled and private environment.
    • LATE POLICY - IF YOU ARE 5 MINUTES LATE FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT, YOUR SCHEDULED TIME SLOT WILL BE MARKED AS MISSED AND MAY BE GIVEN AWAY TO ANOTHER WRITER. Although, if you anticipate that you might be late for your upcoming appointment, we encourage you to call us at (512) 245·3018 ​​​​​and let us know. We're more than happy to keep the session scheduled for you, but keep in mind that your session will still end at the time it was originally scheduled to finish. 

  • During your session

      • During your session, your consultant will sit with you and first discuss your current assignment. To start your session, the consultant will want to know the purpose and goals of what your working on. The consultant will ask for any relevant prompt(s) and then discuss questions such as "What are your writing goals?" "What are you struggling with?" "Do you have specific concerns?"
      • Your consultation is a collaborative process; both you and your consultant will actively discuss how to improve your current assignment and holistic writing skills. This conversation will guide your session and will help to determine the best approach for your writing processes.
      • Your session will end at 25 or 50 minutes.
      • If you need a proof-of-visit for your class, don’t forget to ask your consultant for one at the end of the appointment! Only that tutor can give you a proof-of-visit for that session.
      • Your consultant will walk with you to the front desk. You do not have to sign out. Feel free to stay for coffee, tea, or to use our computer lab.
      • We maintain academic anonymity, meaning we will not discuss your session with your instructors or family members. We won’t even disclose that you came to the University Writing Center.
      • Now, it’s up to you! Revise and update your current assignment based off of the suggestions and discussion you had with your tutor.


        We look forward to working with you!