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Consultants & Staff

Each University Writing Center consultant has achieved academic success and received training certified by the College Reading and Learning Association. To learn more about an individual consultant's background and specializations, please see the list below.

Allies Symbol 
Allies-Trained Consultant

Consultants with an Allies symbol in their photo are allies to the Texas State LGBTQIA+ Community. Alt-text for images will also denote allies status, if applicable.



Picture of Gaby

Title: Graduate Consultant
Specialties: Historical Analysis, Argumentative Writing, Organization, Thesis Statements, Research, Application Materials (Cover Letters, Resumes, etc.)
Master’s: Elementary Education
Post-Graduate Certificate: Primary Education (UK)
Undergraduate Major: History
Undergraduate Minor: German


Picture of Lilly with LGBTQ+ Allies Symbol

Title: Lead Consultant
Specialties: Scientific Writing, Brainstorming, Outlining, Research, APA, ENG 1310 & 1320
Undergraduate Major: Biology
Undergraduate Minor: Philosophy


Picture of Pamela with LGBTQ+ Allies Symbol

Title: Graduate Consultant
Specialties: APA, ASA, Research, Organization, Brainstorming, Personal Writing
Master's: Sociology

Undergraduate Major: Psychology
Undergraduate Minor: Anthropology


Picture of Taylor

Title: Consultant
Specialties: Brainstorming, Organization, Scientific Writing
Undergraduate Major: Biology
Undergraduate Minor: Human Development & Family Sciences


Picture of Abbie with Allies Symbol

Title: Graduate Consultant
Specialties: Argumentative Writing, Persuasive Writing, ENG 1310 & 1320
Master's: Rhetoric & Composition
Undergraduate Major: English
Undergraduate Minor: Political Science


Picture of Arianna with Allies Symbol

Title: Graduate Consultant (Round Rock)
Specialties: Brainstorming, Thesis Statements, Resumes, Organization

Master's: Professional Counseling

Undergraduate Major: Psychology

Undergraduate Minor: English


Picture of Jessica with Allies Symbol

Title: Lead Consultant
Specialties: ENG 1310 & 1320, MLA, Brainstorming, Outlining, Organization
Undergraduate Major: Elementary Education

Military-Connected (Army Brat)


Picture of Jose with Allies Symbol

Title: Lead Consultant
Specialties: ENG 1310 & 1320, Brainstorming, APA, MLA, Thesis Statements, Argumentation Structure & Outlining, Statements of Purpose
Undergraduate Major: Psychology
Undergraduate Minor: Social Work

Spanish Fluent


Picture of Lindsey

Title: Consultant (Round Rock)
Specialties: Personal Essays, Grammar & Punctuation
Major: Communication Disorders

Minor: Psychology

Military Connected


Photo of SG with Allies Symbol

Title: Graduate Consultant
Specialties: MLA, Brainstorming, Creative Writing
Master's: Creative Writing
Undergraduate Major: English (Creative Writing Focus)
Undergraduate Minor: Ethnic Studies & Spanish

Military-Connected (Marine Brat)

Director Team

Dr. Deb Balzhiser

Picture of Dr. Balzhizer with LGBTQ+ Allies symbol

University Writing Center Director
Associate Professor, English

Pronouns:  She/Her/Hers
PhD:  English Studies
Master's:  MS Writing
Undergraduate Major: English & Journalism
Undergraduate Minor: Composition & Linguistic

Ms. Keri Fitzgerald

Picture of Ms. Fitzgerald with LGBTQ+ Allies symbol

University Writing Center Assistant Director (Round Rock)
Senior Lecturer, English

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Master's: MA Literature
Undergraduate Major: English
Undergraduate Minor: Honors Studies

Dr. Joanna Collins

Picture of Dr. Collins w/ LGBTQ+ Allies Symbol

University Writing Center Assistant Director
Senior Lecturer, English

Pronouns:  She/Her/Hers
PhD:  English (Rhetoric & Composition Certificate)
Undergraduate Major: Humanities