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Tutors & Staff

All of the Writing Center's tutors have achieved academic success and received training certified by the College Reading and Learning Association. To learn more about an individual tutor's background and specializations, please see the list below.


Allies Symbol 
Allies Trained Tutor

Tutors with this symbol by their photo are Allies to the Texas State LGBTQIA+ Community.

Undergraduate and Graduate Tutors


Title: Undergraduate Tutor
PR & Outreach Coordinator
Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs
Specialties: Honors Studies, Outlining, MLA, APA
Undergraduate Major: Psychology


Title:Undergraduate Tutor
Workshop Coordinator 
Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs
Specialties: Introductions & Conclusions, Research Papers, Working with Style, Guides, Brainstorming
Undergraduate Major: English
Undergraduate Minor:  Secondary Education

Competent in American Sign Language



Title: Undergraduate Tutor
Video Coordinator 
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Specialties: Playwriting, Screenwriting
Creative Writing, Songwriting, Honors Studies, MLA
Undergraduate Major: Theatre 
Undergraduate Minor: Honors Studies


Photo of Chisom with Allies Logo

Title: Undergraduate Tutor, Creative Writing Circle Coordinator  
Specialties: Creative Writing, Scholarship Essays, Brainstorming, Literary Analysis
Undergraduate Major: English & Anthropology 



Title: Undergraduate Tutor
Specialties: STEM Writing, Research
Undergraduate Major: Biology
Undergraduate Minor: History

Proficient in Spanish


Title: Undergraduate Tutor, Webcam Tutor
Specialties: Creative Writing, Poetry, MLA, English 1310 & 1320
Undergraduate Major: English
Undergraduate Minor: Art Studies

Competent in American Sign Language 


Title:Graduate Tutor
Graduate Coordinator 
Specialties: RDG 1300, Composition, Literature, Qualitative Methodology, APA & MLA, Graduate-Level Research Writing, Personal Statements, Conference Proposals, CVs, Cover Letters  
Doctoral Major: Developmental Education, Literacy 


Photo of Joseph with Allies Logo

Title: Undergraduate Tutor
Specialties: Thesis Statements, Philosophy Writing, English 1310 & 1320
Undergraduate Major: Political Science  

Lauren C.

Title:  Graduate Lead Tutor
Specialties: Graduate-Level Research Writing, Composition, MLA, Outlining
Organization, Brainstorming
Doctoral Major: Adult, Professional and Community Education


Title: Undergraduate Tutor
Specialties: PUG, Drafting, Organization, Literature Reviews, Analysis, Business Writing, Technical Writing, Creative Writing
Undergraduate Major: English w/ Teachers Education
Undergraduate Minor: Teacher Certification, Honor Studies



Title: Undergraduate Tutor, Webcam Tutor
P.U.G. Coordinator
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Specialties: Brainstorming, Thesis Statements, Outlining, Organization, English Composition 
Undergraduate Major: English


Title: Graduate Tutor
Writing Center Coordinator 
Specialties: Brainstorming, Thesis Development, Outlining, Philosophy Writing, ENG 1310 & 1320, MLA & Chicago Style, P.U.G.
Graduate Major: Rhetoric and Composition 


Title: Undergraduate Tutor
Specialties: English 1310 &1320, Organization, Thesis Statements, Brainstorming
Undergraduate Major: Political Science
Undergraduate Minor: Political Communications


Title: Undergraduate Tutor
Webcam Coordinator 
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Specialties MLA, Creative Writing, Organization
Undergraduate Major: English
Undergraduate Minor: Psychology 

Bilingual, English and Spanish


Title: Undergraduate Tutor
Specialties: English, History, Creative Writing, Brainstorming, Organization, Outlining, Honors Studies
Undergraduate Major: Geography Resource and Environmental Studies
Undergraduate Minor: International Studies 

Proficient in Mandarin Chinese


Photo of Amber with Allies Logo

Title: Undergraduate Lead Tutor
Specialties: COMM 1310, ENG 1310, 1320, & 2320, Argument & Refutation Writing, Close Reading Essays, Statements of Purpose, APA
Undergraduate Major: Communication Studies
Undergraduate Minor: Mass Communication

Competent in Spanish


Title: Undergraduate tutor
Specialties: MLA, ENG 1310 & 1320, Argumentative Papers, Honors
Undergraduate Major: Pre-Nursing 



Title: Undergraduate Tutor
Social Media Coordinator 
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Specialties: Philosophy Writing, ENG 1320, Outlining
Undergraduate Major: Philosophy
Undergraduate Minor: Honors Studies 

Competent in Spanish



Title: Graduate Tutor
Writing Center Coordinator 
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Specialties: English 1310 & 1320, Creative Writing, Philosophy Writing, Outlining, Understanding The Prompt, MLA & APA, P.U.G. Skills & Strategies, Resumes & CVs, Personal Statements
Graduate Major: Creative Writing, Fiction 

Bilingual, English & Spanish 


Title: Undergraduate Tutor, Essay Contest Coordinator 
Specialties: Honors Studies, Essay Writing, Literary Analysis, Creative Writing 
Undergraduate Major: English
Undergraduate Minor: Anthropology

Proficient in Japanese 


Photo of Jen with Allies Logo

Title: Undergraduate Lead Tutor
Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs
Specialties: Structure, Organization, Thesis, Creative Writing, Brainstorming, MLA, Honors Studies, Media & Literary Analysis
Undergraduate Major: English/Creative Writing 
Undergraduate Minor: Studies in Popular Culture


Title: Undergraduate Lead Tutor
Specialties: Brainstorming, Thesis Statements, APA, Lesson Plans
Undergraduate Major Special Education & Spanish
Undergraduate Minor Early Childhood Intervention

Bilingual, English and Spanish 


Title: Undergraduate Tutor
Specialties: Literary Analysis
Undergraduate Major: English, Writing and Rhetoric
Undergraduate Minor: French

Proficient in French; Military-Connected (Air Force Brat)

Director Team

Our directors make the Writing Center an amazing resource to help writers improve.

Autumn Hayes

Writing Center Assistant Director 
Senior Lecturer 

Pronouns: We/Our/Ours
Master's:  Creative Writing 
Undergraduate Major: Business Administration
Undergraduate Minor: Creative Writing 

Lauren Schiely

Writing Center Assistant Director 
Senior Lecturer 

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Master's: MA Rhetoric & Composition 
Undergraduate Major: English & Creative Writing 


Sean Rachel Mardell

Coordinator of Military-Connected Tutoring

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Master's: MA Literature (Media Studies)
Undergraduate Major: English
Undergraduate Minor: Media Studies

Military-Connected (Army Veteran & Navy Brat)

Dr. Deb Balzhiser

Dr. Deb Balzhiser

Writing Center Director
Associate Professor

Pronouns:  She/Her/Hers
PhD:  English Studies
Master's:  MS Writing
Undergraduate Major: English & Journalism
Undergraduate Minor: Composition & Linguistics

Keri Fitzgerald

Keri Fitzgerald

Writing Center Assistant Director
Senior Lecturer

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Master's: MA Literature
Undergraduate Major: English
Undergraduate Minor: Honors Studies