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Faculty Resources

The University Writing Center wants to help you help writers.

We can facilitate tours and workshops for your classes and we can give students proof of visit forms to indicate that they have worked with a consultant. In addition, we have handouts that you can use in your classes.

The University Writing Center is committed to establishing a culture of writing, and to support this effort, faculty members can also make their own appointments with consultants!

Book University Writing Center Tours

At Texas State University, students who visit the University Writing Center three times or more have fewer lower grades and a 4% higher retention rate than other students. Come learn about our services in a 20-minute tour. While we can come to your class, if you bring them to us, writers are more likely to return on their own!

Schedule In-Class Workshops

The University Writing Center can provide 40- to 45-minute workshops in your classroom: Beginning and Developing levels of MLA, APA, Chicago, and ASA as well as Essay Writing and Academic Essay Writing.