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Faculty Resources

Did you know? Faculty can book writing consultations for themselves. Faculty can also require students to obtain a proof-of-visit from us.

20-minute tours are a scheduled time for you and your students to visit the University Writing Center in person or via Zoom to learn more about our services, what to expect in consulting sessions, and why the Texas State University Writing Center matters.

Tours are a friendly way to introduce students to the concept of a writing center.  When a peer consultant talks to your students, it often demystifies the University Writing Center and takes away any perceived stigma about getting writing assistance.

For Fall 2021, tours can be in the UWC's Zoom room or in an instructor's Zoom room.  

Please allow up to 2 business days for confirmation. 

Currently all workshops are being held via Zoom.

Level 1 Workshops

Aimed at freshman and those new to a topic

  • APA 1: Getting Started is designed for those new to citation style guidelines.

  • Beginning Essay Writing is designed with English 1300 & 1310 in mind, and is meant for writers who do not need to focus on citing sources but do need to think about audience, purpose, theses, and development.

  • Academic Essay Writing 1: Getting Started is designed for those beginning to use sources and understanding their work as part of larger conversations. This is especially useful for English 1320, sophomore courses, and those who are beginning scholarly endeavors.​​

Under Revision: MLA 1 & 2, Chicago 1 & 2, ASA


Level 2 Workshops

Aimed at upper division students in their majors or those going deeper into a topic

  • APA 2: Developing Skills is designed with upper division courses in mind and writers whose work focuses more fully on learning to converse with people in the discipline.

  • Graduate Information Session is designed for people putting together applications to graduate school. 

Under Development: Academic Essay Writing 2: Developing as Scholarly Writers is intended to add on to Academic Essay Writing 1 or stand alone to aid students in writing in advanced academia, open to any discipline. It is recommended for seniors and juniors, those in advanced courses, or anyone who wants to develop their understanding of academic writing.