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Faculty Resources

Fall 2020 Faculty Resources

We're online only

Due to the continued concerns surrounding COVID-19, the office hour guidelines in the Roadmap to Return, and CDC guidelines for healthy operations of student support services, the UWC will continue to remain in an online format.

Tours are ready! 

Workshops are on hold. 

Your students can still ask for proof of visit

If you'd like a proof of visit email from us, our writing consultants, tell students to ask for one during an appointment. We'll need your email address, and then we'll send you an email confirmation from the University Writing Center email account ( to verify that the student was there and our proof is from us. 

Book University Writing Center Tours 


At Texas State University, students who visit the University Writing Center three times or more have fewer lower grades and a 4% higher retention rate than other students. Come learn about our services in a 20-minute tour.

During Fall 2020, we will be offering online UWC tours, where your class can join writing consultants in our TOURS University Writing Center Zoom room. 

In-Class Workshops Currently Closed

We currently do not have the resources to offer in-class workshops. 

When we have the availability to do so, which we do not at this time, the University Writing Center can provide 40- to 45-minute workshops in your classroom.  

Citation Styles

  • Level 1: Beginning MLA, APA, Chicago, ASA
  • Level 2: Developing MLA, APA, Chicago, and ASA

Essay Writiing

  • Essay Writing
  • Academic Essay Writing 1
  • Academic Essay Writing 2