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Submit an Essay

The 2021 Essay Contest is now open!

The University Writing Center Essay Contest is blind peer-reviewed by faculty from across campus who teach writing intensive courses in each category.

Submit one essay in up to two categories*: 
Submit essays written for class during 2021. 

Category 1: Freshman courses--ENG 1300, ENG 1310, & 1000-level courses aside from ENG 1320 [2000-level Honor's courses counting as freshman writing courses must be submitted in Category 2]
Category 2: Sophomore courses--ENG 1320 or 2000-level courses
Category 3**: Upper division courses--3000- to 4000-level courses
Category 4**: Graduate courses--5000- to 7000-level courses

*You may only win one award.
**You may not submit a thesis.

Browse past Essay Contest winners here