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Creative Writing Workshop

Spring 2017 Creative Writing Workshop Schedule

March 30: The Art of Letter Writing (Led by Rae G.)

We will explore the genre of epistolary fiction, or a narrative told through a series of letters (or other written documents), as opposed to scenecraft. We will read examples of epistolary fiction, as well as examples of real correspondence between non-fictional people written during the "Golden Age of Letters" (i.e. Edwardian/Victorian period). We will attempt to determine what a writer can achieve through epistolary fiction that cannot be achieved through regular fiction and vice-versa.

April 6: Character Creation and Development (Led by Ellie C.)

This workshop will focus on character creation in fiction, from creating character sketches in the planning stages, to drafting scenes with character interaction. We will focus on the use of dialogue, descriptive language, and other rhetorical tools that enhance character presence and development within a story. We will read examples of effective character development and nuance in this workshop that employ these different devices.

April 13: Elements of Craft (Led by Taylor S.) 

We will discuss elements of craft such as metaphor, image, and tone. We will compare and contrast these tools between two different poems, and our goal will be to discover how elements of craft can strengthen creative writing how the absence of craft can weaken it. We will use this knowledge in order to guide a work of any genre to live at its fullest potential. Note: This workshop begins at 5:30. 

April 20: 2017-2018 Workshop Leader (TBA)

May 1: Literary Reading (7:30pm) Note: May 1 is a Monday.

The Writing Center's Creative Writing Workshop is committed to the creation of new work and the development of existing pieces. Through informal workshop, writers will seek to engage with all parts of the writing process by reading and discussing works of all genres, responding to challenging writing prompts, and participating in provocative discussion.

Creative Writing Workshop is held every Thursday from 5:00-6:20pm in the Writing Center, room 108. Our workshop is a safe and relaxed space to read, write, and share. Come out and join our fun and diverse group of writers!

Like all workshops at the Writing Center, Creative Writing Workshop is led by a peer writer and Writing Center tutor. For the 2016-2017 academic year, the workshop is led by poet, A.R. Rogers. Her work can be found in Red River Review, Texas Poetry Calendar, as well as her 2014 chapbook, Tiny Nothing. In 2016, A.R. was awarded Texas State's Ralph Cheney and Lucia Trent Poetry Prize. 

For more information, please call the Writing Center at 512-245-3018 or email