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Due to the Governor's hiring freeze, we are accepting applications for review only. However, if you are interested in future employment at the Writing Center, we encourage you to submit your materials.


Please check back for more information, as updates regarding hiring will be posted as soon as they are available.


Job Description

Help others improve as writers! Become a Texas State Writing Center tutor in San Marcos.  Tutors support writers in a variety of majors and through all stages of writing, including brainstorming, organization, and grammar.  We are looking for good writers and communicators who can explain writing to people from a variety of majors. 

We are currently looking to fill a variety of roles: 

  • 4-6 sophomores or juniors who plan to return next academic year
  • 4-5 graduate tutors (current graduate students or seniors who plan to enroll in a graduate program beginning AY16-17)
  • 1 undergraduate or graduate student to tutor and, for 1-2 hours per week, serve as Punctuation Usage and Grammar workshop leader
  • 3 Veterans of the Armed Forces with leadership abilities who can be trained as our Writing Center Tutor Corps Coordinator

Becoming a tutor will strengthen your own writing skills and improve your communications skills. It is great opportunity for aspiring teachers and professors to gain instructional experience. 


Successful candidates have a commitment to helping others improve. They also have a minimum 3.0 GPA overall, a B or better in ENG 1310 and ENG 1320, a 3.0 GPA or better in writing intensive classes, writing sample(s) that exemplifies good academic writing (8-25 pages), a compelling letter of application, and strong professional recommendations, preferably from at least one faculty member and professionals who know your writing and ability to work with others. 

Preference will be given to people with the following qualifications and backgrounds: 

  • majoring in communications, history, philosophy, or the sciences
  • familiar with the writing style and guides for AP, Chicago, and Turabian
  • familiar with ASL
  • multilingual
  • tutoring or pedagogical experience, particularly in writing
  • understanding of how people learn, particularly how they learn to write
  • a score of 80 or above on the PUG Exam

For undergraduate students, preference will be given to sophomores and juniors and those who completed ENG 1310 and 1320 at Texas State University (because that is the majority of people who come to see us). We are also looking to develop tutors who might return for a second year in a leadership position. 

For graduate students, preference will be given to those who have written a thesis or conducted a lengthy research study or those who are thesis track. 


Please fill out an application at our website:

Attach one file (making a portfolio) to your application that contains each of the following in this order, beginning each on its own page (prefer a pdf):

  • a letter of application addressed to Director Balzhiser,
  • a résumé or curriculum vita,
  • an introduction to your academic writing sample that tells us the purpose of the assignment and how you met the expectations,
  • your academic writing sample (8-25 pages), and 
  • unofficial transcript.

In the online application, you are asked to list two references outside of friends and family (such as teachers, employers, and coaches) who can speak to your tutoring or writing abilities. Please list those references and ask them to fill out the Recommendation for Employment form.

You will need to send your references this link:


Next Steps

Interviews begin immediately. Interviewees will be asked to respond to writing during the interview, and successful applicants may be asked to return to take a punctuation, usage, and grammar exam.